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Webber® Spanish Phonology Cards

8 Decks! 460 Cards!

by Melanie Frederick - Grades PreK and Up

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It's a minimal pair extravaganza! With the Webber Spanish Phonology Cards, you will eliminate the phonological processes of:
  • Deck 1 - Oclusivización (Stopping)
  • Deck 2 - Omisión de Consonantes Finales (Final Consonant Deletion)
  • Deck 3 - Sonorización Prevocálica (Prevocalic Voicing)
  • Deck 4 - Frontalización (Fronting)
  • Deck 5 - Reducción de Grupo Consonántico (Cluster Reduction)
  • Deck 6 - Errores de r y rr (Errors of r and rr)
  • Deck 7 - Omisión de Consonantes Iniciales (Initial Consonant Deletion)
  • Deck 8 - Omisión de Sílabas Átonas (Weak Syllable Deletion)
Each of the 8 decks contains 28 minimal pair sets, content cards, and two bonus ¡Fiesta de Fonología! cards for added entertainment. All full-color cards are 3¼" x 4¼" and come in individual metal tins. All tins are in a handy, travel-easy metal tote with an activity booklet and other fun game ideas!

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