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Deluxe Yacker Tracker

Intended for adult use in K-12 grades

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Maintain a quiet work environment in classrooms and other school areas by monitoring noise levels with the Deluxe Yacker Tracker. The Deluxe model has the same great features as the original Yacker Tracker but includes a convenient remote control with a range up to 20 feet!
Hang or set the Deluxe Yacker Tracker anywhere as a visual and auditory reminder to students to monitor their noise level. Hearing impaired students can use the unit as a visual signal. The green light stays on when noise remains at or below the level determined by the operator. A flashing yellow light activates when the noise level rises above the set level. When sound level reaches 15 dB above the set level, the red light activates, and the siren sounds. To prevent false alerts due to sudden loud noises, a two-second delay occurs before the optional siren sounds. 17" tall. Self-standing or wall-mountable.
Deluxe Yacker Tracker includes:
  • Long-lasting LED lights eliminate frequent bulb replacement.
  • Delayed Alarm Function sounds if unacceptable noise level continues more than two seconds.
  • Adjust acceptable noise levels for different activities.
  • Activate the voice feature ("Quiet Please") in four languages, or create your own recordings and siren options. Operator has the option of turning sounds on or off.
  • Adjust lights automatically or manually.
  • Manual operation offers the option of staying on one light color.
  • Includes emotions face stickers for the red, yellow, and green lights.
  • Set Decibel sensitivity control (from 50dB to 110 dB).
  • 120V AC adapter, included.
  • Remote with two 'AAA' batteries, included.
  • To operate without AC adapter use six AA batteries not included.
YAK456 -  Deluxe Yacker Tracker $144.95 
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