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Survival Guide: Personal Care - Men

Book and Activity Cards

Ages 11-17 / Grades 6-12

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Learn how to maintain personal hygiene and appearance, and to understand the importance of personal care with Survival Guide: Personal Care, a skills-based curriculum for adolescents and adults. Gender-specific student book is an encyclopedia of personal care activities with problem solving and comprehension quizzes. Activities are presented in a consistent sequence: photo preview, vocabulary, facts, step-by-step illustrations, helpful tips. Activity Cards help students create and follow personal routines.
Survival Guide: Personal Care - Men:
  • 31 skill sequences
  • Full-color photos and illustrations
  • Over 170 vocabulary words
  • 285-page book, 8½” x 11”
  • 61 double-sided activity cards, 4” x 3”
ATT27 -  Survival Guide: Personal Care - Men $42.00 
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