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Pigs & Pals Preposition

Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-3

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Can’t go wrong with a fun deck!
by Rachel O,  DeLand, Fl
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I needed something to spice up learning about prepositions with my kiddos and this does the trick. Perfect for memory or go fish activities!

Fun deck cards
by Ruth,  Texas
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I love your fun deck cards I use them on a daily basis with most of my kiddos. Awesome products.

Nice deck!
by Alexei,  Russia
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
Thank you Super Duper team for such a lovely Deck. It helps my students learn preposition and works very well!

Preposition success!!
by Sydney H.,  Riverside, CA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I love these cards paired with the worksheets for home practice!

Fun w/ E.C. kids
by Andrea C.,  Sheboygan, WI
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I am very satisfied with this deck of cards for my early childhood students. I am working on building their utterance length and answering where ?'s while using this fun deck.

Great Therapy tool!
by Ann M.,  Chicago, IL
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I'm surprised Super Duper doesn't have more preposition cards! Kids love Pigs and Pals cards. They think the animal pictures are hilarious. I'm glad I bought these.

Great product
by Jocelyn Cuervo,  Miami,Fl
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
This product has been very useful and helpful. It's a fun and easier way of teaching my patients spatial concepts.

by Katy B.,  Canada
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I love to play with my kids. It's a funny game and they learn in the same time. I use it for SLP at home.

Preposition Fun
by Shyla M.,  Ohio
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
My kids seem to enjoy using these cards when practicing prepositions. I like that the animals are photographs and the backgrounds are cartoon pictures. I wish this deck also contained higher level concepts including: top, bottom, around, and through.

Fun tool
by Hadis,  Tarzana, CA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
Great Product! Both I and my aid use this with our students who are having difficulty with Prepositions. The children love the animal pictures.

by Debz,  USA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I love this game! It is a simple and great way to teach prepositions! Each card comes as a pair, which makes it easy play memory,while learing! The the kids enjoy it too!

Already seen an improvement
by Jenny S.,  Midland, TX
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I ordered this deck after a recommendation from my daughter's SLP. We've already noticed a marked improvement. I love that you can play memory with it as well as. I'm even creating a board game for her to play using any Fun Deck - she's already enjoyed the first try.

pigs & Pals Prepositions
by Dottie C,  Madison, IN
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I use these with my moderately autistic grandaughter. She love them as they are cute & funny, and very clear to understand. Colorful, fun included with learning

My Students Love This Game
by Trudy M.,  SD
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
I have used Pigs and Pals Preposition Fun Deck with many of my groups during direct language therapy. It has been a fun and favorite game of all of the ages (K-3rd grade) that I have used it with. I am so happy that I purchased this fun deck and have recommended it to my co-workers for the students on their case loads. Thanks for this product.

Pigs & Pals Preposition
by D. Rivers,  Fayetteville, GA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
What a great way to teach and reinforce preposiions. The students and I love the pictures.

Pigs & Pals Preposition
by D. Rivers,  Brooks, GA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
A great product to add another way to teach prepositions. The kids will love the funny pictures while they learn. Keep up the good work!

Pigs & Pals Preposition
by Deborah R.,  Fayetteville, GA
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
What a fun way to teach and drill prepositions. The pictures are great (even funny) and the kids love them. Also good to practice complete sentences while they talk about the pictures.

pigs and pals preposition
by Paula Rivers,  Columbia, MD.
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
The pictures are interesting because you have mixed and matched photos with rendered drawings. However, I think you might have included more prepositions instead of providing fewer preposition cards.

Pigs and Pals
by Kim B.,  Fort Smith, AR
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
This is a great product for learning prepositions. You can use it many different ways and the kids love the pictures.

Great Product
by Angie K.,  San Antonio, TX
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
Fun pictures that motivate kids to participate.

Pigs & Pals
by Cathy M.,  Flat Rock, AL
#FDP04 – Pigs & Pals Preposition
The fun, entertaining pictures in this Fun Deck are wonderful for teaching position concepts! Not only are they great for focusing on prepostitions, they are useful for eliciting more complex language samples from little ones! Kids enjoy the pictures and laugh as they describe them. I highly recommend this Fun Deck.

FDP04 -  Pigs & Pals Preposition $12.95 
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