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Plurals Fun Deck®

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK-3

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Plurals Fun Deck
by Tara L,  Canada
#FDU08 – Plurals Fun Deck®
I think we can all agree that learning (and teaching) grammar skills is boring. This product helps to spice things up a little. The pictures are simple (cartoon-like) images that clearly illustrate "one" vs "many." You can play a variety of different games such as Go Fish and Matching. Would recommend!

A favorite for sure..
by Kristin P.,  Houston, TX.
#FD0834 – Fun Deck® Plurals Combo
I love this deck because it shows my kiddos irregular plurals. I do a matching game with these cards. Turn all of them face down, and try to find the matching singular with the plural. Then I have my kids use both in a sentence.

by Laura R,  Dallas, TX
#FDU08 – Plurals Fun Deck®
Very good cards with a nice range

Love it
by Alicia Loftin,  Rosenberg, TX
#FDU08 – Plurals Fun Deck®
Love it. Another great super duper fun deck product.

Great cards
by TN,  NY
#FD0834 – Fun Deck® Plurals Combo
I love this combo pack - it has regular and irregular plurals. The pictures on the cards are lively and engaging.

FDU08 -  Plurals Fun Deck® $12.95 
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FD0834 -  Fun Deck® Plurals Combo $23.25 
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