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Hidden Picture Scenes

For Articulation & Language – S, R, L & S/R/L Blends

by Mark Bristol - Grades PreK–6

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Hidden Picture Scenes for Articulation and Language offers students an amusing, interest-capturing way to practice their S, R, L and S/R/L Blends sounds. It also helps young ones learn and review 480 basic vocabulary words while using their fine motor skills.
Each hilarious scene has a sentence with target sounds plus six target picture-words. Students listen to and say a sentence with the target words. Then students find each picture-word hidden in the illustration and use the wet-erase markers to circle them. Hidden Picture Scenes also helps students build their vocabulary and describing skills.
Hidden Picture Scenes
  • 80 Scenes (20 Each of S, R, L & S/R/L Blends)
  • 40 Double-Sided, 8 ½" x 11" Laminated Boards
  • 480 Hidden Picture-Words
  • 80 Sound-Loaded Sentences
  • 4 Wet-Erase Markers
GB483 -  Hidden Picture Scenes Game Boards $39.95 
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