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Party Pups®

The Game of Prepositional Fun!

by Sharon Webber, Clint Johnson, Renée G. Blaker, and Karen Aspden - Grades PreK–5

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prepositional fun
by Rosi,  Miami, Fl
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I loved it

Great material!
by Aubray M.,  Hutchinson, KS
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students love anything pet related. They also love the super duper electronic spinners. This is a nice resource for working on concepts and is motivational as well.

Party Pups Rocks
by Amy H.,  Norfolk NE
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My kids love the game boards and learning about the dogs. The bones are great reinforcers. Love the picture cards!

Love this game!
by Irina,  New York
#GB49 - Party Pups®
The pictures are bright, colorful, and fun. The kids absolutely love playing this game.

by Heather M,  Oklahoma City, OK
#GB49 - Party Pups®
This game is so cute. The kids really enjoy all the funny pictures of the puppies, which is a great motivator.

Great for pre-primary and primary age learners
by Mia,  Seattle, WA
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My pre-K, K, and first grade students all love Party Pups!! Great way to target "Where" questions with a preposition. I also use it in a group so they can ask each other questions e.g. "Where is the puppy? "Which puppy do you like?"

by B. C,  NC
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students love this game. The game provides a fun way to practice using prepositions in an authentic manner. The illustrations are adorable.

Party Pups
by Mary,  Ann Arbor
#GB49 - Party Pups®
Great product to reinforce spatial concepts, pronouns, wh questions. Students enjoy the pictures and reinforcment of collecting bones with the spinner.

Great game
by Sharon K.,  Farmington, MI
#GB49 - Party Pups®
Targets pronouns and verb+ing as well as prepositions! Kids generate sentences on every turn. I love it. I love tossing the little dog biscuit reinforcers, and the kids love collecting them!

Great game
by Val S.,  Kansas
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students love this game! It's a great way of teaching prepositions and can be used for vocabulary, language, and many other speech activities!

Party Pups
by Kim Kurtz,  Cincinnati OH
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I love the fact that it shows the concept in three different pictures. My students love to feed the pups.

Great resource!
by Debbie W.,  Dwight, IL
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students love the pups who demonstrate basic concepts. The party hats on each pup are a real hit.

He's Right There!
by Manny S.,  Miami, FL
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I find this game to be a hit with my kids. They are so much more engaged now trying to explain where the cute doggie is in each of the pictures! I get so much more out of them using these pictures! It really is a great game. Absolutely recommend to anyone trying to teach prepositions!

by Kathleen L.,  Memphis, TN
#GB49 - Party Pups®
The elementary students love these adorable dogs...it really helps hold their interest.

kids love it!
by Chris W.,  Oklahoma City, OK
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My elementary students love party pups. I use it with my own concept pictures to target a specific preposition and with artic words. My social skills group played while working on inferences this morning.

Kids Love It
by Julia B,  Tuscaloosa, AL
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My kids love Party Pups! They enjoy competing against each other to earn the most bones. It definitely motivates the kids to work hard, and they want to work longer. I've even adapted it to use with blended groups (articulation & language). Its fun for everyone!

by Belinda C,  Lawton OK
#GB49 - Party Pups®
This is a very cute and fun way to help children learn prepositions.

Party Pups
by Miss Diane,  Winchester, VA
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students and I love this game! I have adapted it for activities beyond prepositions, such as articulation practice, responding to questions, describing, etc.

Cute game
by Carin B.,  Alberta, Canada
#GB49 - Party Pups®
This is a really cute game!! The kids really enjoy the dogs.

Loving this product!!
by Ashley O.,  Mesa, AZ
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I am loving this product. I was looking for something fun to use to target prepositions, and this was just what I needed. My kids LOVE it. They think it is hilarious. I Definitely recommend!

Doggie of a game
by Jess,  Oh
#GB49 - Party Pups®
This is a must have for all SLP's. Hours of learning and fun. There are multiply uses for this game.

by Lauren D.,  McKinney, TX
#GB49 - Party Pups®
The preposition cards are bold and easy to use with my students who are working on prepositions, but even my articulation kids like collecting bones for "their" puppy card when they say their sounds correctly. We are having a lot of fun with this game.

Cute Game
by Stacey R.,  Dallas, GA
#GB49 - Party Pups®
The game is OK, but there is not much to it. I have not used the cards yet. I bought the game because I knew I could use it with all of my groups.

Hide if from the kids!
by Lori,  Surprise, AZ
#GB49 - Party Pups®
It's just too exciting! The kids will do anything to look at and play with this game. Seriously, the prepositions are printed on the cards with a straight forward picture. You'll love it and the kids will really benefit.

party pups
by paula R,  columbia, md.
#GB49 - Party Pups®
Wow! Beautiful cards that are larger than averasge! Attention-getting pictures that are amusing and informative. Includes prepositions not generally included in most other preposition materials! Again, WOW! Love it! and so do my students.

Fun for all
by Deb G,  NY
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I have used Party Pups with all of my preschool clients these past two weeks and they all love it! We have used the game for artic, as well as language practice. You won't be disappointed with this bargain...so much fun!

Party Pups
by Deborah R.,  Fayetteville, GA
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students and I all love Party Pups. It is a fun way to teach/learn propositions.

party pups
by mlal,  long island new york
#GB49 - Party Pups®
my clients love this game. they enjoy naming their dogs and collecting bones. this game is such an easy and fun way to practice prepositions. great value.

Smashing success!
by Gwen,  Cortland, NY
#GB49 - Party Pups®
This game is a versatile game! The game boards and "bones" are flexible and allow for use with numerous targets, not just the prepositions provided in the game. Students love the puppies and enjoy earning the bones to feed them!

Great Activity
by Nan D.,  Auburn, GA
#GB49 - Party Pups®
My students love this new game. With the brightly colored pictures of various prepositional dogs, the treats they earn, the playing boards, to the fun electronic spinner, my students keep asking for this game again and again.

Party Pups
by Kristen F.,  Lakeland, FL
#GB49 - Party Pups®
I absolutely LOVE this game, and my kids love it too!! Within the first week, I had used it for 90% of the kids on my caseload and everyone loved it! The variety of prepositions on the cards is great and there are several of each one, so there is always something to fit the need of each child. For those who weren't working on prepositions, it was easy to use the dog "placemat," the spinner and the bone treats as rewards for whatever the child's goal was as a new way to practice their targets. I highly recommend this game!

GB49 -  Party Pups® $39.95 
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