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Mini Mouth Finger Puppet

Grades PreK-5

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as it looks
by M. Torres,  Chile
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
As it looks in photos

#1 visual for articulation
by Francesca T,  New Orleans, LA
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I purchased this with the intention to correct a t/k kiddo (I’ve tried every strategy in the book) who has difficulty with lingual placement. So far, it’s helped the kiddo understand that our tongue is the ROCKSTAR of the mouth and needs to move around to get those sounds just perfect. Such a great visual for artic kiddos!

Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
by Sherri,  AZ
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I love using this mini mouth finger puppet with all of my articulation students!! It really helps them visualize their articulators and they can touch the puppet as well!!

It is beautiful
by Gabriela C,  Florida
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Has good size, is easy to handle and very useful.

Mini Mouth finger puppet
by Natasha L.,  Puerto Rico
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I love mini mouth finger puppet!!! My students love him. It is definitely an important tool to work on the speech articulation and it has served as a visual key. Really I love that!! Thanks Super duper

Mighty Mouth Mini
by Maureen P,  Boise, ID
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
This is a great tool to help kiddos understand visually how to move their tongue. I'ts also helpful when discussing Beckman oral motor exercises!

Excelent tool
by Maria C,  Sao Paulo. Brazil.
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
It arrived very quickly! I am working with it with Deaf children and teens and it helped a lot to show the production of the sounds. And the children find it to be very funny...

Mini Mouth
by Cathy M,  Peoria, AZ
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
This 'mouth" gives kids a tactical, hands-on, visual of proper tongue placement for several alveolar sounds. I have found it very helpful in my job!

Great Visual for the tongue
by Leah M.,  Red Bluff, CA
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I have really appreciated the visual help this mini mouth puppet has been to my speech program and for my speech kids. Working on "back sounds" are hard to show, but this mini mouth takes all the mystery out of tongue placement. THANKS!!

mini mouth
by Tamara M,  Texas
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I use the mini mouth with all my patients with cleft palate. It is very helpful to model placement.

Nice finger puppet
by Mariana M,  San Jose, Costa Rica
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Kids love it and its size is very functional for them, is very usefull to work articulation on Speech Language Pathology

by Leonor S,  Colombia
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I use the mini mouth finger puppet to teach patients and families about parts of the mouth, some exercises. I am teacher too then I find an excellent tool for learning process of different professional. The material is strong, durable and easy to clean. I love the mini mouth finger puppet and I always recommend use. Thanks a lot Super Duper

Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
by Michelle,  Colorado
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Great price for a small model of the mouth. My students love using it and trying to imitate sound placement with the puppet and with their mouth. The rubber material sticks together a bit, but I think with more use it will be easier to manipulate.

by Tzirel,  Israel
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I can't believe I have been working without this incredible hand puppet! The kids love it and it is extremely hands-on and helps them understand tounge placement. I use it as well as a "reinforcer "-the child can take out a token from the mouth after each desired task is completed... they love this activity!! My only issue is the quality-I only have it for a couple of days and some of the color is already coming off the teeth. This is a total must for any speech therapist and of course the price is great!!

by C.B,  BC Canada
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I love the mouth puppet, but I am a bit disappointed, all previous ones have had more detail such as the alveolar ridge. This one does not have these details.

by Karen B,  Augusta,
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Great way to help kids visualize tongue placement for articulation

Worth the $$
by Rachel R.,  Colorado
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I have only used the mini mouth a few times so far in therapy, but I already know it will be worth the small cost! My artic students have been very responsive to visual cues with the puppet (especially for less visually obvious sounds), and they love manipulating the mouth and tongue on their own... adds a fun level of humor and motivation.

Helps Ct to understand tongue placement
by Holly G.,  Dallas, TX
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Some pts need a little extra visual and manipulative assistance to comprehend tongue placement. This is not a cure, but it is a help.

Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
by Freida,  Brooklyn, NY
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Although this 'mouth' is small, it is great! I use this with lots of my clients and they all love it! It is great to use as a 'model' for correct tongue placement and my students love taking turns holding/using it. Great for kids in grades K - 3!

by TN,  Erie, PA
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
This is a useful for showing student placement for articulation. It definately catches their interest. I wish it had lips for showing lip shape also.

mini mouth
by Jill R.,  Portland, Oregon
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I ordered this puppet a several years ago and wanted a second one. I was dissapointed though that the new "version" has taken away the details of the rugae on the roof of the mouth as well as the lingual frenum underneath the tongue:) Kids still love it though, but it would be helpful to have those missing items.

by Alli,  Columbus, OH
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
Must have for helping students visualize and learn correct placements of sounds. The students enjoy showing me how not to and how to make correct sound placement!

Mini mouth finger puppet
by Liz W.,  Norfolk, VA
#MM56 - Mini Mouth Finger Puppet
I bought this product first over 10 years ago and the past quality was far superior than the current one. It came with the white coloring already peeling off the teeth. I do give an A+ for Super Duper customer service that mailed me a replacement free of charge in a very timely manner.

MM56 -  Mini Mouth Finger Puppet $9.95 
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