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Nuk® Massage Brush Set

3, 10, and 30-Packs

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NUK brush awesome
by Lisa C,  Urbana, IL
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
These brushes are great for kids learning to bite, for oral stim and to taste a variety of liquids and purees.

Product is o.k. for some purposes
by Devorah S.,  Teaneck, NJ
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
The Nuk Massage Brush is nice to use with children who cannot tolerate vibration in their mouth (brush with batteries). However, it is limited in that it only has one texture on it, and it has not mechanism with which to change the tip. There is also no booklet providing ideas for how one can use the brush.

by Deann Chafin,  Douglasville, GA
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
I use the NUK brushes to stimulate lingual muscles. The kids love it!!

Love the Nuk!
by Deann Chafin,  Douglasville, GA
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
I really like using the Nuk brush for oral stimulation. The kids don't mind it at all. I use it to encourage tongue movement to the cheek.

NUK is more than a brush!
by Margo C.,  Carmel, IN
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
NUK provides a solid construction that is almost impossible for a client to chew through the product. The tip allows me to get tongue lateralization while I am also working on chewing.

Nuk Brushes
by Stefanie B.,  San Antonio, TX
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
I do all of the ordering for the ST department and I am always looking for the best deal. With Super Duper Inc., I can always count on finding the right price :)

oral motor
by Dawn B.,  Woodinville, WA
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
I use Nuk brushes to desensitize kids with oral hypersensitivity to improve there eating and ability to move through different textures.

Nuk for Speech Therapy
by Joanna S.,  Asheville, NC
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
This product is perfect for a wide variety of oral motor exercises. As a speech-language pathologist I always make sure to have a some on hand!

Good Product
by Margo D.,  Mount Pleasant, SC
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
Nuk brushes are a staple in my oral motor bag. Often order extras and leave with families for carryover.

Nuk Massage Brush
by Cristina N,  NY
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
Great to work on oral stimulation and oral awareness.

Nuk Massage Brush
by Amanda T.,  Baltimore, MD
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
I bought these specifically for one of my students with severe oral sensory-seeking behaviors. I have incorporated the Nuk brush into his oral motor exercises and it has been helpful for increasing his oral awareness. My only compliant is that I found these cheaper for a larger quantity on 2 other websites but decided to stay loyal to superduper publications since I have had such good experiences with this company in the past.

NUK Massage Brush
by Hilary G.,  Mercer, MO
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
Great for students needing oral stimulation!

Nuk Brushes - 10pk
by Carrie,  Yorkville, IL
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
We use these Nuk Brushes very often. Our clinic provides, OT, PT and Speech so many of our kids need these. They are a great price and are shipped to us quickly and for free!!

very satisfied!
by Lauren,  Florida
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
Fits in infants mouth. Great to increase oral awareness through massage.

Nuk Brush Review
by Nicholla B.,  Staten Island, NY
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
Products worked great.

Good deal
by Preeta Riggs,  The Woodlands, TX
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
These are very helpful in our clinic for our Speech Therapists who work with oral motor kids. Also, our OT's who do feeding LOVE this item to help introduce tactile kids to some foods.

Nuk brushes
by Lalaine V,  Anaheim Hills, ca
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
Very useful in my son's oral motor therapy. His OT suggest this and we incorporate a lot in his feeding therapy.

Love the Nuk brush!
by Jill S,  West Palm Beach, Fl
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
My son loves his Nuk brush! He has oral hypersensitivity and the brush has made a tremendous difference with his feeding. By dipping the brush in food, he has learned to feed himself...never could get him to do that with a spoon.

Great item!
by Angie,  Fairfax, VA
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
My little boy really enjoys using his Nuk Massage Brush. I was impressed with the quality of the product.

by Clyde B.,  Ogallala, NE.
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
The product was as descibed. Good price in quantities I needed. Excellent delivery time! Very pleased with this transaction.

by Michelle L.,  Middletown, IN
#OM323 - Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack)
These are a wonderful oral motor tool! Highly recommend use of these with all little ones who have oral motor issues.

Oral-Motor Necessity!
by Angela D.,  Fort Worth, Texas
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
NUK brushes are simply awesome. Perfect for oral-motor exercises and mild enough for kiddos not to be afraid of being probed!

by Amita Koul
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by michelle riehle
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

by SLP - Other,  Jonesborough, TN
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
This is a must have product for any SLP! Perfect to use for passive oral motor exercises!

by rhonda cowlishaw
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
love all the oral therapy products

by Lynn Y
#OM324 - Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack)
I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

by Elizabeth Pleasants-Smith, Atlanta, GA
#OM320 - Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack)
There are sooo many!!! I use products for oral motor, articulation, auditory processing, language, and reading. The "First 100 Sight Words" Fun Deck and other Fun Decks are really, really great! I love the "Can Do" Oral Motor Fun Deck--with kid-friendly pictures and easy to follow instructions. Also the chewy tubes (T, P's & Q's), dentaswabs, flavored tongue depressors, Nuk massagers/brushes, etc. have been invaluable.

OM320 -  Nuk® Massage Brush (3-Pack) $13.50 
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OM323 -  Nuk® Massage Brush (10-Pack) $41.95 
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OM324 -  Nuk® Massage Brush (30-Pack) $119.95 
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