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Nickel on Anger
by Edie S.,  Columbia, MO
#TPX24503 – Nickel Takes On Anger
This has been a fun activity to do with my students that have autism or other social skills issues. Kids always love to be on the computer, this paired with the highly effective social story format is a hit!

Nickel takes on Anger
by Mary,  Ireland
#TPX24503 – Nickel Takes On Anger
A great product. A great resource to discuss different ways of dealing with anger and whether it was the best solution.

nothing but love
by T I,  California
#TPX24503 – Nickel Takes On Anger
I LOVE this product. The students LOVE watching these stories. The students really get engaged in what is going to happen next and the pages are full of objects to point out and expand upon.

Motivating CD
by Lisa K.,  Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
#TPX24503 – Nickel Takes On Anger
All of the Nickel CDs are very motivating because they are interactive and have the cute little snake that climbs the pole to reach his treats. Kids also love to see what is unexpected or what "not" to do.

Great interactive activity
by Sharlene,  MD
#TPX24504 – Nickel Takes On Disrespect
My students have really enjoyed this interactive activity thus far. I purchased it for my students with Autism in mind however it is a bit advanced for them as this appears to be geared towards students with higher level social skills. Overall it's a great tool.

by stacey,  manitoba
#TPX24504 – Nickel Takes On Disrespect
great. easy. fun without obvious learning.

Nickel Takes on Anger
by Amy R.,  Anchorage, AK
#TPX24504 – Nickel Takes On Disrespect
I enjoy the Nickel series. My students like the interactive part and great discussions come from the lessons taught.

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