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Emerging Literacy & Language Assessment®

by Elisabeth Wiig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Wayne Secord, Ph.D., CCC-SLP - Ages 4;6-9;11

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by Lee,  Chicago, IL.
#ELLA11 - ELLA® Complete Kit
I thoroughly love this assessment product. It is very informative for looking at a student's language & literacy skills. This helps determine strengths and weaknesses with students in the school setting.

by Kathy G.
#ELLA11 - ELLA® Complete Kit
I love the new hear builder following directions and phonological awareness CD. The areas align with state standards. The graphics are wonderful and my students loved the demo. My students love chipper chat series and Auditory Memory for Quick Stories. We order most test products through Super Duper as well.

by Racheal M.
#ELLA11 - ELLA® Complete Kit
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Tomi Banks
#ELLA11 - ELLA® Complete Kit
I really enjoy the diagnostic assessments that Super Duper offers as well as the treatment tools. After working with the same diagnostic assessments for years, they have become {simply put }boring. I enjoy the bright colors, new pictures, and even the training you provide for your products. My clients love them too. Thanks for your creativity and FREE STUFF!; they make my job so much easier.

by Abby Rozenberg, SLP
#ELLA11 - ELLA® Complete Kit
I have recently purchased the ELLA. I appreciate this test for so many reasons. First of all, the picture books for the story recall are clear and engaging. Second, the areas that this test examines are great for showing specific strengths and weaknesses. Also it allows for the visual-learners (auditory-strugglers) to be successful on a standardized test (environmental symbols and letter-symbol ID). Additionally, combining the rapid memory with the word associations and story retell offers a nice overview of the memory skills which add so much to language learning, phonological awareness and automaticity of word retrieval/fluency.

While this test examines a wide variety of language and literacy skills, it does not take a long time to administer. With most subtests consisting of less than 15 test items, the administration moves quickly, eliminating the negative affects of fatigue from the testing process.

ELLA11 -  ELLA® Complete Kit $394.00 
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