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Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test-Third Edition A Method of Assessing the Language Skills of Infants

by Kenneth R. Bzoch, Richard League, and Virginia L. Brown - Ages Birth-3;0

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by Yolanda,  Texas
#TMF512 – REEL-3 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25)
Provides standard scores with caregiver interview

REEL 3 strengths
by Diane H.,  Norman, OK
#TMF512 – REEL-3 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25)
The REEL 3 is so helpful for those patients who are not responsive during the evaluation session, for a multitude of reasons. I feel that it does an excellent job of identifying weaknesses in expressive language that can be used to write functional goals and objectives.

by Natalie,  Austin TX
#TMF512 – REEL-3 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25)
The REEL-3 is quick and efficient way to determine the child’s functional communication skills in their most natural environment.

by Mona R,  Oklahoma City
#TM511 – REEL-3 - Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test - Third Edition
The test is a good measure for children who may not respond well to standardized tests. It gives information about communication based on what the caregivers know

by Kay G,  Washington
#TMF512 – REEL-3 Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25)
I like the REEL for the structured way it involves parents. My only wish was that it was easier to get a "feel" for how a child was going to score based on the answers to the questions - I've used this for 7 years now, and still have to wait for the score to see how a child did.

TMF512 -  REEL-3 -Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test - Third Edition Profile/Examiner Record Booklets (25) $59.00 
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