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Super Easy!
by Kristina C.,  Kelowna, British Columbia
#TM641 – WRAT-4 Wide Range Achievement Test - 4th Edition
As an educational therapist, I am always looking for assessments that are not so time consuming or cumbersome for my more anxious students. The WRAT-4 offers me a relatively quick and easy way to assess my clients without overwhelming either of us! The WRAT-4 allows me to test in both Fall and Spring, write my report and feel confident that parents are going to appreciate the feedback. I like how simple it is to both administer and score, complete with comparisons to other assessments I have already used. Well done.

by Terri T,  Lebanon, Indiana
#TM641 – WRAT-4 Wide Range Achievement Test - 4th Edition
Easy to use. Reliable. Good for a quick and easy math or reading level.

by Linda K,  Phoenix, AZ
#TM641 – WRAT-4 Wide Range Achievement Test - 4th Edition
Extremely easy to use and score. Can be used pre and post. Gives info on math, spelling, word reading, and sentence reading comprehension.

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