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Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts® - Spanish
Prueba de Conceptos Básicos Wiig - 100 Basic Concepts!

by Elisabeth Wiig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Henriette Langdon, Ed.D. CCC-SLP - Ages: 3;0-7;11

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  • Ages: 3;0-7;11
  • Testing Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Norm referenced: standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.
  • WABC-S Complete Kit: Examiner's Manual, Level 1 and Level 2 Storybooks, Level 1 Record Forms (25), Level 2 Record Forms (25), Puppy Bank Reinforcer with 30 Doggie Dog Tokens, Clipboard with Calculator, WABC-S Stickers (75), and WABC-S Tote Bag. (2006)
  • Qualification Level: A
The Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts-Spanish (WABC-S) by WABC author Elisabeth Wiig and noted bilingual author Henriette Langdon, is a valid and reliable instrunment in identifying basic concept deficiencies in Spanish-speaking students ages 3;0 to 7;11 years.
The WABC-S tests 100 basic concepts in Spanish across seven categories:
  • Color/Shape (Color/Forma)
  • Quantity/Completeness (Cantidad/Capacidad)
  • Location/Direction (Ubicación/Orientación)
  • Sensation/Emotion/Evaluation (Sensación/Emoción/Evaluación)
  • Weight/Volume (Peso/Volumen)
  • Condition/Quality (Condición/Calidad)
  • Distance/Speed/Time (Distancia/Velocidad/Tiempo)
What Makes the WABC-S Special?
  • Careful consideration of vocabulary - The WABC-S contains multiple word choices that allow the use of appropriate regional vocabulary from a variety of Spanish-speaking regions (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, as well as Central and South America).
  • True concept understanding - The WABC-S assesses a child’s understanding of 100 basic concepts. It tests the first concept receptively ("¿Cuál de los osos es grande?" Child points to big bear) and the related/opposite concept expressively ("Este oso es grande y este oso es…" Child says, "chiquito").
  • Age appropriate - The WABC-S contains tests for two age levels. Nivel 1- Un Día en el Zoológico is for preschool children ages 3;0 to 5;11 years, and Nivel 2- Un Día en el Parque is for children in kindergarten and early elementary grades ages 5;0 to 7;11.
  • Valid and Reliable - The WABC-S is a valid and reliable assessment instrument. For the standardization, the population sample included 685 children from the US and Spanish-Speaking countries. The population from the US closely resembles 2000 US Census Data. Test-Retest correlations were very good with r = .97 for Nivel 1 Total Score and r = .93 Nivel 2 Total Score. Inter-rater reliability was also high, where both Nivel 1 and Nivel 2 was r = .97 or higher. In comparison to the Boehm-3 Spanish, we found that both tests examine similar skills (Nivel 1 Total Raw Scores, Pearson’s r = .75 and Nivel 2 Total Raw Scores, Pearson’s r = .73).
WABC-S Complete Kit
  • Examiner's Manual
  • Level 1 and 2 Storybooks
  • 25 Level 1 Record Forms
  • 25 Level 2 Record Forms
  • Reinforcer Puppy Bank with 30 tokens
  • Calculatory Clipboard
  • 75 Stickers
  • Tote Bag
Who Should Administer the WABC-S?
Early childhood educators, special educators, and speech-language pathologists can administer the WABC. However, we recommend that only educators and professionals skilled in test administration and scoring interpret the results and create intervention plans for students.
Click here to view FAQs about WABC®-S.
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