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Webber® Classifying Cards

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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Webber Classifying Cards(7Deck Set)
by Lorraine W,  Marengo, SK Canada
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
We had tried these cards from another school and they are great so we ordered a set for ourselves. They are used everyday

Webbier Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
by Debbie R.,  Sharpsburg, GA
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I have used these cards daily since I received them. They can be used to teach labeling of the items, guessing the item when described, sorting items into categories, comparing and contrasting, and more. The pictures are very appealing to the students/clients and a welcomed update to my old picture cards. In my opinion, these are a must for all SLPs.

So happy with this purchase!
by Kathryn P.,  Southern California
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I love this set of cards! I am very happy with this purchase and they have saved me a lot of time planning therapy. The occupations deck is great and I love how it covers a wide array of jobs and even included mom and dad as a job. Definitely great for conversations about different jobs! The cards are versatile and the kids never get bored with them because we can play so many games with them. The tin case is also nice to store the cards and makes organizing easy.

Versatile and Practical
by DebS,  St. Petersburg, FL
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
The cards are versatile, practical, sturdy, and a nice size for use with the younger set.

Very useful!
by Shellie R.,  Venice, FL
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I have used these cards with school age students with autism and adults for word retrieval. All who use them like the size of the cards and the size of the drawings. The pictures are easily identifiable.

by Karla,  Yabucoa, PR
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
Es un paquete completo de categorias de vocabulario que se pueden trabajar con los/as ninos/as.

Classifying cards
by Judy H.,  Yorba Linda, CA
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
This is a great set of cards, at a great price. Very useful for teaching category skills and general vocabulary that all kids should know.

classifying cards
by Tracey C,  Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I am a Special Education Teacher and my students just love these new flash cards. I also love the case that they come in…making it easy to keep them all together!

Great resource!
by P.Hill,  Tampa, Florida
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I love that the cards are colorful and the topics are organized with two cards for each item. The booklet with ideas is so very helpful for targeting various goals that are for both speech and language intervention.

Superb material
by Piyali Mitra,  Yangon, Myanmar
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
These cards are very convenient to use, with a number of possibilities. Very pleased with the purchase and was lucky to get a great deal too....

Great Value
by Kelly R,  Vandalia, OH
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I recently purchased the 7-Deck Set of Classifying Cards. My son is using them in his ABA program. What I like most is how the cards will be useful for many different goals. Right now he is working on receptive goals. Later he will move on to more classifying goals. The cards will be used for many months to come.

Love it
by Amy,  North Carolina
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
These cards are so useful. I like to combine them with the EET.

Great Activity!
by Lori L.,  Surprise, AZ
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
Easy to use and very portable.

Classifying Cards Set
by Caroline R.,  Knoxville, TN
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
This set of cards is wonderful in so many different settings. I use the cards for categories, labeling, receptive vocabulary, and in so many other therapy settings. My kids love when we use the cards!!

A box of amazing speech decks!!
by Laura B.,  Long Island, NY
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I absolutely LOVE the case of classifying cards!! they were perfect to use for my speech therapy sessions, and my students love the fun chips the case came with!! keep the fun decks coming!!

Multiple Uses
by DebK,  Bellport, NY
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I love when I buy something that I can use in so many different ways. Memory match, Go fish, describe the item and peers guess. The fact that they are in a nice neat carry case just makes it that much better.

Classifying Cards Deck
by Vivi N,  Atlanta , GA
#WCC01 - Webber Classifying Cards - Animals
We found extremely enjoyable not only this set of cards but also others I have purchased from this site. My daughter is a native Spanish speaker so, not only the fact of classifying but also the possibility to acquire new vocabulary in English is challenging and learnable for her. I really recommend this deck.

Webber Classifying Cards
by Lynette L.,  Gonzales, LA
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
It is great to have a picture set of items that I could use everyday with my students in multiple ways. They get so excited when I take out the decks of cards.

Webber® Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
by W. Borges,  Maunabo, Puert Rico
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
This product is wounderful because have many posibility to work with childrens. It's colorful and fun.

Classifying Cards
by Julia V.,  Texas
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
These cards are very durable and I love the heavy duty containers they come in.

Just Right
by Jess,  Oh
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
This is what I have been waiting for to go on sale. This is a useful tool for the lower grades and a fun activity to keep their interest. Another great buy for the SLP collection

Extremely Satisfied
by Donna,  California
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I love the Webber Classifying Cards. There are many uses for them and I find them to be a usefull tool to my therapy. The print is fun and the students enjoy them.

They're Grrrrreat!
by Don H.,  Duncan, OK
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I remembered using the Webber classifying cards when I was in graduate school, and never realized how often I turned to them for great vocabulary building exercises and language stimulation. When I went out into the working world I had hardly any language resources available, but learned to just "make do." However, it hit me one day just how much I needed these cards, so I ordered them and use them with almost all of my students. They make a great resource for story starters, basic cateorization skills, discussing attributes, similarities vs differences, etc. I love having these cards, and my students are glad to be rid of black and white print-outs! =)

by kathi edmonson
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I have a wider variety of weber cards and I love using all of them. they are colorful and fun.

by Sarah Potter
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
Gotta love the Webber cards.

by Jerri Mayfield
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I have just ordered the photo fish and the Webber flash cards. I think both will be great.

by Connie Isackson
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
You're doing a great job already...no improvements needed! I would love to see you continue to offer social skills resources. I love your Webber cards!

by Celia J
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
You all can serve us better by having more classifying games because my children in my class love it! I would like to see more math games as well. I really love all the classifying games. My favorite will be the sort and say early classifying games.

by Abhishek
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I think the cards for classifying by category are really good.

by Shawna Jurgens
#WCC333 - Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher. Several of your products work great for the kids--learning new vocabulary, especially!

WCC333 -  Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set) $99.95 
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