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Phonology Roundup


by Beverly Foster, Howard Gold, and Linda Petzold - Grades PreK-3

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Hitch up your jeans and hop in the saddle—it's time to ride into your next therapy session with these fun-filled (yet theory-based) phonology reproducibles! Hey pardners, take a look at what's in this "saddlebag" of a book! Perfect-bound. Softcover.
  • 224 wonderfully illustrated, field-tested, target-word reproducibles (4" x 5½").
  • Target words for each of these phonological processes: Syllableness, Final Consonant Deletion, /s/ Clusters, Velar Deviations, Anterior and Posterior Singletons Stridents, Glides, Anterior Stops, Nasals, Singleton Stridents, Glottals, and Liquids.
  • Patterns, charts, and more.
How does all this work? Easy as pie! Just reproduce the pictures you need. Punch a hole in the corner of each picture and put them on a ring. What ring? Well, we tested several rings and found Rinky Link rings to be colorful and easy to use. To get you started on your Phonology Roundup, we've included a Free Pack of these rings. If you need more rings, just call us up. Have a great Phonology Roundup! (Giddyup now!)
EXR24 -  Rinky Links (24 Pack) $6.95 
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