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Holiday & Seasonal Games

Open-Ended, Write-on/Wet Erase, for Speech & Language, 20 Laminated Games

Grades PreK-6

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These colorful, fully laminated, open-ended game boards are the best in the entire universe! Imagine 20 beautiful scenes for year-round speech and language fun. The laminated boards (11" x 17") make it easy for you to write-on/wet erase any words or customize instructions. When you're ready to use the boards again, just erase with a damp cloth. It's that easy!
Holiday & Seasonal Games
  • 20 different holiday and seasonal scenes (10 laminated boards printed front and back)
  • Die
  • 6 game pawns
  • Write-on/wet erase pen
  • Snap-lock storage bag
P.S. Students love to write their own target words on the boards! This is a real motivator. Try it!
GB25 -  Holiday & Seasonal Games $34.95 
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