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Super Duper® Data Tracker

Android Mobile App

by Jonathan Wise

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Spend more time treating and less time tracking with this easy to use App! The Super Duper Data Tracker lets you document and monitor your student's progress. Simply organize your students into groups. Then enter your student's names and even their goals. Track incorrect and correct responses discretely and efficiently.
Use the default labels (e.g., "Group 1" or "Player 1") for quick data collection, or customize the labels by adding a group name, student name, goal, or other information. When you're ready to begin taking data, simply tap the red or green button to score a student's response as correct or incorrect. The Data Tracker calculates the percentage of correct responses automatically.
When your session is over, add notes to the results summary and send the results to any email address. Data collection has never been this easy or accurate!
  • track unlimited students
  • add unlimited groups
  • customize student and group names
  • store customized information
  • add, delete, and rearrange groups and students
  • add notes to results summary
  • email results
  • clear data with the press of a button
  • video tutorial available
Super Duper® Data Tracker Android App $1.99 
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