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Super Duper® Data Tracker

Expanded Data Collection App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®

by Jonathan Wise

Super Duper no longer sells these products.
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Love the Group Set-Up
by Katie C.,  St Paul, MN
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I have been using this app for 7 months and I love many things about it, such as: 1. The grouping, including being able to temporarily add a student for one session. 2. The ability to look at the data collected in graph form - visuals are great for all. 3. Being able to easily slide from one student in a group to another - and see all of their goals. There are two suggestions I would make/changes I would like to see..1.I would like the ability to plan for the group, within the app and 2. I would like to be able to choose a specific goal for a student, and be able to look at that goal data specifically. Overall - I don't know what I would do without it.

Great could be awesome
by Honey S,  Idaho
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I LOVE the ease of use and being able to track data on multiple students. There is a big fix needed though. The graphs don't work well because if you don't take data on a particular goal for the day, it shows up as zero.

ok App- Needs changes
by Jen H.,  San Jose, CA
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I like the idea of this APP, but many changes are yet to be made which is why I gave it 2/5 stars. I love the data tracking features and the easy to read graphs it produces, but some changes are still needed. For example, undoing data is very frustrating as you have to press the undo button until you get your desired results. You can't simply erase one correct, incorrect, etc. when you want to from a field. Additionally, although I am able to take notes on sessions, about 50% of the time this app does not save the note I made. This feature REALLY needs to be fixed. It is very frustrating when you have written a long note about a session only to find it lost after you press the save button. Another feature lacking in this app is the ability to go back and delete a session for a player. Overall, I think this app is on it's way, but many changes and updates are still needed.

Almost 5 stars
by Melissa,  Kansas
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I just downloaded the app, got all of my stdents' goals entered and am excited about starting to use it. The only reason that I can't give it 5 stars is that besides having yes, no, approximated & cued options, I'd love to have an "other" option that would allow us to insert other options such as imitation, reading, or, in the case of AAC users, hand over hand or partial assistance. By having a customizable "other" option, we could truly tailor it to the individual student. Other than that, it's a great app!

Every Day - Every Session
by Danielle R.,  Kansas City, MO
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I utilize this app in therapy EACH day! It did take a while to input the students and their goals but now that they are all ready to go, it makes tracking progress effortless. My students quickly adapted to it being a part of sessions and no longer pay attention to it. It also relieves the uneasy feeling of being watched as you place those +/- on a piece of paper. I find the e-mail tool very useful and have often utilized it to send progress updates to teachers, parents, administrators, and myself. The students can also utilize it to track their own productions/progress when appropriate. Thanks for making the great changes to this app to make it worth every cent!

LOVE this app!
by Anastasia S.,  Lakeland, FL
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
Used it today for the first time in therapy. Made it so easy. NO paper. Just holding my cell phone. I explained it to my students & they kept watching to see which button I would push for them - green or red. One student kept looking over my shoulder to watch his percentage. Motivated the students and made my life easy. At the end of the day all I had to do was email myself the reports and file them.

Easy to Use
by Mandy S.,  Duluth, GA
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I started using this app on my Ipod Touch and it has made collecting data so much easier. I love that I can collect data on multiple goals for a group of children at the same time. It has been so easy to use! I love that you can email the data summary so effortlessly. It took some time to get all of the groups set up and the goals saved, but it will definitely save me time in the long run.

I never buy apps!
by Carol S.,  Jasper MO
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
I bought this app (and I very rarely buy apps). I have used it this summer with my preschool kids. I LOVE IT! I am able to record the number of correct/incorrect responses, email my self the results and keep my tracking on the computer. I will be working in 2 special ed preschool classrooms as well as doing itenerant services. I feel this will help me be better organized. The app is great.

Love this App!
by Tiffany L.,  Port St. Lucie, FL
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
This app is a fabulous time saver. It allows me to stay organized and is about as accurate as you can get as far as data collection. The only downside is you have to email yourself following every collection and then save it to a folder. By far the best data collection app so far.

Must Have App!
by Shannon S,  Denver, CO
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
This is a great app to have! I use it with my preschoolers. They are the majority of my caseload and are seen sometimes in their classrooms. I love that it holds unlimited number of data for students. It is a quick and easy data collection device, and you can email the data to yourself right from the phone!

Great App!!!
by Brian,  California
#MXAU02 – Super Duper® Data Tracker iPad/iPhone/iPod touch App
This app is inexpensive and easy to use. I only gave it four stars because I wish the app had the capability of exporting the data into a spreadsheet program. However, other than that it is a great app. Check out our tutorial on the app at www.thespeechconnection.com