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Super Duper StoryMaker

Mobile App

by Mark Strait - All Ages

Super Duper no longer sells these products.
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Great for creative minds
by Kathryn F.,  Rancho Cucamonga
#MXASM11 - Super Duper StoryMaker FREE iPad App
This app will really get your child's creative juices flowing! It fun and entertaining and is a big hit in my house ;)

Best App!
by Nicolle R.,  Isanti, MN
#MXASM11 - Super Duper StoryMaker FREE iPad App
I downloaded the free version and within 30 minutes knew I needed to buy the full version. This app is so easy to use, my children can make their own stories. I love that you can add voices and personalized photos. This is so much better and easier to use for creating social stories than much more expensive apps I have purchased! The uses for the app are really endless...

Fantastic and Fun!
by Kerri M.,  Yorktown, N.Y.
#MXASM22 - Super Duper StoryMaker iPad App
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This was one of the best new apps that I have purchased. The kids love creating stories and recording their own voices as they read the story. I love using their photos in the story, although they can use the pictures that come with the app. We can even e-mail the completed book home to mom and dad! It's well worth the price!