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Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test – Third Edition

by Gerald Wallace and Donald D. Hammill - Ages 5;0–89;11

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  • Testing Time: 20–30 minutes
  • Norm-referenced; age equivalents, standard scores, composite scores, and percentile ranks
  • Complete CREVT-3 kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, Photo Album Picture Booklet, 25 Form A Examiner Record Booklets, and 25 Form B Examiner Record Booklets, all in a sturdy storage box (2013)
  • Qualification Level: B
The Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test – Third Edition (CREVT-3) is an innovative, efficient measure of both receptive and expressive oral vocabulary. It is a norm-referenced assessment tool used to identify, describe, and quantify oral vocabulary proficiency in children and adults. Specifically, it can be used to identify individuals who are significantly behind their peers in oral vocabulary proficiency, note discrepancies between receptive and expressive oral vocabulary, document progress in oral vocabulary development as a consequence of intervention programs, and measure oral vocabulary in research studies.
Features of the CREVT-3
  • Two equivalent forms.
  • All new normative data were collected from a demographically representative sample of the 2011 U.S. population ages 5;0 through 89;11 years.
  • More contemporary photographs to replace outdated photographs.
  • A pronunciation guide for administering both subtests.
  • Expanded studies showing the absence of gender and ethnic bias.
  • Composite score with neither floor nor ceiling effects.
  • Reliability coefficients computed by age and by gender, ethnic, racial, and exceptionality subgroups within the normative sample, as well as for the entire normative sample.
  • Numerous validity studies, including sensitivity, specificity, and ROC/AUC.
  • Raw scores can be converted to age equivalents, standard scores, percentile ranks, and descriptive terms.
  • Consistently strong reliability and validity evidence.
CREVT-3 Subtests
The CREVT-3 has two subtests. The results of the subtests can be combined to form an overall General Vocabulary Index.
Receptive Vocabulary
The format of the 76-item Receptive Vocabulary subtest is a variation of the familiar “point-to-the-picture-of-the-word-I-say” technique featuring the unique use of thematic full-color photographs. This subtest is made up of 10 plates, each of which comprises six pictures. All of the pictures on a plate relate to a particular theme (animals, transportation, occupations, clothing, food, personal grooming, tools, household appliances, recreation, and clerical materials). The themes represent concepts with which most people are familiar. Five to eight words are associated with each plate, and the words are spread evenly from young children through adults.
Expressive Vocabulary
The Expressive Vocabulary subtest uses the “define-the-word-I-say” format—the most popular and precise way to measure expressive vocabulary. The format encourages and requires the individual to converse in detail about a particular stimulus word, making it ideal for measuring expressive ability. The 29 items on this subtest pertain to the same 10 common themes used in the Receptive Vocabulary subtest (animals, transportation, occupations, etc.), allowing for easy transition from subtest to subtest. The applications of basals and ceilings allow the subtest to be given quickly and make it appropriate for a wide age range.
General Vocabulary Index
The General Vocabulary index is comprised of the Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary subtests. It represents overall ability in the area of oral vocabulary.
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