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MagneTalk® Barrier Game Stand

by Jeanne Goodwin & Audrey Prince - Grades PreK-5

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Handy Erasers
by Linda P.,  Clarksburg, WV
#MER22 - Webber® MagneTalk Erasers
Magnetic Strip allows the eraser to cling to the Whiteboard! Awesome!

Magne Talk Barrier Game Board Stand
by Merilee A,  Chilliwack, BC, Canada
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
Received order and the product was in excellent condition.

by Ariane,  Qu├ębec, Canada
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I bought this magnetic screen and I am fully satisfied. I can it use with the match up adeventures, but also all my material that is magnetic. It's just great!

MagneTalk Barrier Game Stand
by Jean G.,  North Miami Beach, Fl
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I am very excited to use this barrier game stand. My students need listening and auditory processing skills. I have many ways to use it from building hands on with manipulative to actual magnetic pictures on the board. Thank you for an excellent tool.

Good product
by Anna H.,  NC
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I am excited to get to use my new barrier stand! I love that it comes with its own bag, I am a traveling SLP so portability is key! I am giving it a 3 because the plastic on the stand seems a bit flimsy. Many of students will be fine but I am slightly worried about bring this out with some of my more rowdy groups.

Barrier Games and More
by Terri D,  Northern, NJ
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
Besides using this Magnet Talk Game Stand with the Barrier Games, which are great fun to use with lessons for following and giving directions, using distinct descriptions, and locative prepositions, it is a great tool to use with any magnet learning materials that you have! The kids love that they stick and don't fall down, and that they can also help to clean-up by sweeping the magnets into a plastic bag when they are done with the activity.

Magne Talk Barrier Game
by Heidii,  Milwaukie, OR
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I was pleasantly surprised by the levels of language this game supported. I was a little sad the board stand came seperate. My kids the enjoy the different themes and I enjoy the portability of the magnetic board and case.

by Jayne Watkin
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the MagneTalk boards. They are so bright and colorful and my students love to put the magnets where they belong.

by Mimi Spruill
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I like the Magne products, these are very motivating for my students. If you could make a Magne product that allowed students to participate in circle time activites. Something that I could put in their hands when teaching off the board seems too far away for them.

by Stacey Bosley
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I really enjoy the magnetic boards the most. The children love them and it makes therapy so much more interesting than just using worksheets. The opposites are my favorite!

by Julia Churba
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the magneboards and the articulation photo cards.

by Mary Beth Langan
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
My son used to be obsessed with your Webber Photo Cards. We have nearly all of them. They're our favorite flashcards. We also love your magnet sets.

by Kristie
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the magnet board games. It is so much easier to take games on the road or into preschool rooms when you don't have to constantly worry about pieces falling or getting knocked down or blown off. The magnets are so sturdy.

by Christine Stein
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I enjoy the magnetic products, animal grabbers, and Chipper Chat products the most!

by jill Yamashita
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I like the barrier games and my students really like " go for the dough" and "granny's candies".

by Mary Mejia
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I would love to see more magnetic games. My kids enjoy it so much! This site was brought to my attention by my children's Speech Therapist, and I am so thankful to her for sharing this delightful site!

by Racheal M.
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Nicole Murby
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
Love the magnetalk barrier games and auditory adventures pack I just ordered!

by Susan Kwass
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I work with some pretty severe language delayed kids. The magnetalk activities are great for them Please make more for the little or low level langugae kids!

Magna Talk match up Fantasy Story Adventures
by Beth Caslav,  Hemet California
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
MagneTalk Match up Fantasy Adventures is a fantastic activity to use during speech therapy. It is an effective tool when working with a variety of speech and language disorders while meeting each of their speech goals. I use it with the preschool through 5th grade levels with children of all disabilities!!! After I have modeled the stories, the older children love making their up their own adventures and becoming the "teacher" in the activitiy by directing their peers where to place the magnets to follow their stories. The younger kids I tell the story to and they folow the directions with their magnets utilizing and understanding spacial concepts while working on retelling and sequencing the story.This product comes in an organized carrier and is easy to carry to other classes or elementary campus'.

by Amanda Marino
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I really enjoy the Magnet Board series. They are so versatile and can be used for articulation, auditory processing, memory, fluency and language skills. The children love this activity because the magnets make it interactive and enjoyable. The stories are great for sequencing and listening for details.

excellent kit
by SLP - Other,  Tel-Aviv, Israel
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I'm a speech therapist who work with children in varied age, and i find this excellent kit very colorful and practical. it fit young children 2 years old as well as 6 years old, and they all love it. with this game i can emphasize lots of language and listening skills. i have lots of your high standard games in my private clinic and i use them a lot in the daily routine. WELL DONE!!!

MagneTalk Match-Up
by Michelle S.,  Saginaw, MI
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
This is a great tool. You can use it to target many different goals. I have used it to work on vocab, following directions, basic concepts, producing sentences, and many other goals. The scenes are very appealing to kids and they love anything with magnets! Plus the barrier allows you to work with two students with no peeking at each other's responses.

Very Versatile Magnet Match ups!
by Becky C,  Fort Worth, TX
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
Our clinic has had MageTalk Match-Up Adventures in our therapy tools for several years. As a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist and SLP, the kit lends itself perfectly to working with children with hearing loss using listening and speaking. I can check this out for the entire day of therapy and see from about ages 4 to 9 and use it in a variety of ways: -vocabulary for functional themes (camping, grocery story, park) -make up stories to go with the themes -emphasizing audition for learning by using the barrier -role reversal with child as teacher telling parent and therapist what to do -what doesn't belong - placing items from space in the grocery store scene - use of sabotage - not following the directions correctly when child is teacher and see if he can catch the error - parent education - allows parent setting to practice safely and use as a game - has home work sheets for send home that family can reuse and implement -target articulation with items that all have target sound/target theme It is a must for our clinic! Well worth the cost, and a million uses. Becky Clem, MA, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT

Very Motivating
by SLP - School,  Vancouver, BC
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
The children love it when I use this material in therapy! They love the vibrant pictures and always want to explore the different magnets and scenes. This is a very versatile product, as you can use it for articulation, categorization, referential and pragmatic language, among many others! The whiteboard divider is also a huge hit, and I use it with many other homemade materials. I look forward to seeing more scenes for sale!

great product
by Teacher (PreK)
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
This is a great product with many uses. I like the way that it is both magnetic and write and wipe. There are some many of your products that this can be used with. The kids love it. This is a must have

MagneTalk® Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures
by Amanda M.,  Manalapan, NJ
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
The greatest part about this purchase is the versatility for the price. The barrier board can be used for the picture prompts or just to write on with a dry erase marker. You can use this for following directions with prepositions or following conditional directions. The stories can be used for sequencing or auditory recall. You can even turn this into an articulation activity with all of the different magnet objects. All of my students (grades 1-5) enjoy this activity!

Match-UP adventure Kit
by SLP - School,  Everett, WA
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
This product is great for, following directions, articulation practice, categories, concepts and much more. I'm always finding some new way to use it. The pictures are great, and the kids love to use the big board and pictures. Great product and can use it for a lot of different things.

by Malka Arnstein
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love all of Super Duper products. I especially love the MagnaTalk Boards. There fun, creative, and really help many students meet their annual goals.

very good
by SLP - Other,  Israel
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
This is a great game that i keep using over and over again. The CD is excellent and i use it both for one on one work and as homework

by Donna Goulet
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the magnetalk and magnetic boards (ie. pirates, pet shop) Great company!

by Judy Hale
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the Magnetalk boards and my students love them, too! I'd love to see more of these with different themes.

by Sara M. Tye
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love the products that you sell. I'm a second year graduate student getting my Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I am trying to build my own collection of appropriate therapy materials for when I will be out into the workforce. I find that Super Duper has the very best materials for all individuals with any type of speech/language deficit. I attend Southern Connecticut State University where I have been introduced to many of your therapy resources. The Barrier games continue to be one of my favorite products! I look forward to being able to purchase more of my own things through your website and at future ASHA conventions! :)

by Nicole Zimmerman
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
I love your site! I would love to see more board games/ manipulatives to keep kids excited about tx! I love the Mage-Talk! It can be used for so many goals and the kids love it!

Good for kids of many ages and goals!
by SLP - Other,  Boston, MA
#GB180 - MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand
This is a versatile tool that I use as a dry erase, a general magnet board, story telling, requests, labels and following directions with locatives. Great activity to have.

GB180 -  MagneTalk® Barrier Game Board Stand $34.95 
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