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Giant Book of Phonology


by Beverly Foster and Howard Gold - Grades PreK-3

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The Giant Book of Phonology is an incredible 388-page reproducible resource! It has phonology practice galore.
  • 260 beautifully illustrated, field-tested target words, phrases, and sentences
    (4" x 5½" cards)
  • Target words, phrases, and sentences for each of these phonological processes: Syllableness, Consonant Cluster Reduction, Liquids, Glides, Anterior Singleton Stridents, Anterior Stops, and Singleton Stridents
  • Auditory bombardment lists
  • Parent letters, awards and certificates
  • Includes a Free Pack of 24 Rinky Links
Just reproduce the pictures you need, punch a hole in the corner of each picture, and put them on a ring. What ring? Well, we tested several rings and found this Rinky Links ring to be colorful and easy to use. To get you started, we've included a Free Pack of these rings. If you need more rings, just call us! We are positive that you and your students will enjoy this fabulous resource. 388 pages. Spiral bound.
BK265 -  Giant Book Of Phonology $29.95 
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EXR24 -  Rinky Links (24 Pack) $6.95 
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