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Receptive, Expressive & Social Communication Assessment-Elementary

by Patricia Hamaguchi, M.A., CCC-SLP and Deborah Ross-Swain, Ed.D., CCC- - Ages: 5;0-12;11

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  • Testing time: 1 hour or less
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Standardized scores are provided for all individual subtests, three cores, and the overall score.
  • Complete RESCA-E kit: Administration Manual, Technical Manual, Receptive Language Test Plates, Expressive Language and Social Communication Test Plates, Record Forms (20), Social Communication Inventories (20), Picture Worksheets (20), Administration CD, and accessories in sturdy tote. (2015)
  • Qualification Level: B
The RESCA-E assesses multiple functional language and social communication skills in children (ages 5-12) with one comprehensive assessment! Nine core subtests (and five supplemental subtests) present tasks ranging from basic naming (vocabulary) to advanced inference skills to accommodate a wide range of abilities.
Three core subtests target receptive language at the word, sentence, and narrative levels:
  • Comprehension of Vocabulary
  • Comprehension of Oral Directions
  • Comprehension of Stories and Questions
Two supplemental subtests provide more detailed information:
  • Comprehension of Basic Morphology and Syntax
  • Executing Oral Directions
Three core subtests target expressive language at the word, sentence, and narrative levels (with and without picture support):
  • Expressive Labeling of Vocabulary
  • Expressive Skills for Describing and Explaining
  • Narrative Skills
One supplemental subtest provides more detailed information:
  • Expressive Use of Basic Morphology and Syntax
Three core subtests target social-language knowledge: matching oral messages to emotions, answering inferential questions, and using social language across situations:
  • Comprehension of Body Language and Vocal Emotion
  • Social and Language Inference
  • Situational Language Use
One supplemental subtest provides information about the client's ability to demonstrate given behaviors and/or emotions:
  • Elicited Body Language
The 28-item Social Communication Observation Scale is for parents or professionals to complete regarding the child's social behaviors.:
  • Social Communication Inventory (SCI)
TM862 -  Receptive, Expressive & Social Communication Assessment - Elementary $525.00 
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TMF863 -  RESCA-E Record Forms (20) $80.00 
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TMF864 -  RESCA-E Communication Inventories (20) $25.00 
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TMF865 -  RESCA-E Picture Worksheets (20) $15.00 
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