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Funzee® Phones

The Fun Game of Conversation Skills!

by Erica Zollman and the Super Duper® Staff - Grades K and Up Ages 5 and Up

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Target pragmatic language while playing this clever new text messaging game! Activities in Funzee Phones include responding to questions, responding to statements, asking questions, turn-taking, and topic maintenance. Spin the spinner and answer text messages, but watch out…if Mom takes away your phone, you lose a turn!
Level 1 Text Message cards require the player to provide one on-topic response. Level 2 Text Messages require two on-topic responses. Calling Cards deliver positive or negative consequences while giving you an opportunity to discuss phone/texting etiquette and safety.
Funzee Phones
  • 120 Text message cards (3” x 5½”)
  • 54 Calling Cards (2½” x 3½”)
  • 6 Phone cases (3” x 5½”)
  • Spinner (5” x 5”)
  • Game and extension ideas
  • 2-6 Players
  • Boxed
FZF43 -  Funzee® Phones $39.95 
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FZF06 -  Funzee Phones Extra Phones (6) $9.95 
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