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Learning language, achieving literacy, and becoming an independent communicator is a journey with many stages. Tobii Dynavox Snap + Core First meets each communicator wherever they are on that journey and evolves with users as they grow. It is designed to be the most intuitive and engaging symbol-based software solution on the market so you don’t have to worry about spending hours on setup or getting the right content in place—it’s already done for you and is easier than ever to customize.
At the heart of Snap is Core First, a pageset that is centered on Tobii Dynavox’s systematic delivery of the Core Word framework, Topics, QuickFires, Behavior Supports, Word Lists, and Keyboards. Core First helps the communicator continuously build vocabulary and skills and takes advantage of motor learning by introducing new vocabulary systematically and purposefully, which allows users to move up or down and always know where to find vocabulary. It is built on three pillars for communication success: growth, engagement, and literacy.
Snap + Core First is the pinnacle in communication software for symbol-supported communicators and is designed to be the easiest to use, most intuitive, and consistently arranged solution available on the market, for both the user and the communication partner. Individuals of all ages with speech and language disabilities, including those with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other intellectual disabilities can all benefit from Snap + Core First.
TDY38 -  Snap™ + Core First for Windows $49.99 
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TDY48 -  Snap + Core First for iOS $179.89 
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