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"I Have Autism"
A Child's First Look at Autism

A Resource Guide and Reproducible, Personalized,
"I Have Autism" Book, CD-ROM and 5-Book Set

by Pat Crissey - Grades PreK-3

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I Have Autism
by Cristina Martinho,  Damascus, MD
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I wanted a book to help me explain to my 10 year old son about his Autism. Our psychologist recommended this one and I really like it. It has simple words, easy for him to understand and goes straight to the point, covering a good range of areas that are part of his every day routine. I got the set and the Resource guide is great too. I think I will even use this book to help my younger typical child understand about Autism.

Great Product
by Mackenzie G.,  Buckman, MN
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I love the "I have Autism" set. I do in home family counseling and have used it with several families. I recently used the book and created a personalized book for one of my clients who was having a hard time understanding autism and why he is having difficulty claming his body. He would often put himself down and call himself stupid. We read the book "I have Autism" and then he made his own book, he is now able to share positive self statements, regulate (calm his body down) and get along better with family. I truley thank you for giving me the opportunity to help change a child's out look on himself with your product.

by Sherrie H
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I love the products on enhancing Social Skills. I am the founder of a nonprofit special needs organization and special needs parent. We use the materials to help train parents/children.

by Sarah McFarlane
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I would like to see more products in a cheaper price range. I really like many of your products, I just can't afford to buy them all. It would be nice to more products for special education teachers.. You have such wonderful products. I really like the hands on products as well as those that offer a CD for printables.

by Jessica Haro
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I just wanted to say I am so grateful that Super Duper continues to support SLPs by including CDs in their workbooks. I print so many homework and activity sheets so I don't have to deal with the copier, it saves so much time! Companies like LinguiSystems have lost my business because they are no longer supportive in this way. I also really enjoy the parent handouts! Keep 'em coming! I use them all the time and have told my colleuges about them!

by karen stowell
#BK329SB - "I Have Autism" - Extra Set of Books (5)
I like the products you offer for communication, especially the ones for the autistic population. I don't mind ordering because I like the free shipping.

by Kerri L.
#BK329SB - "I Have Autism" - Extra Set of Books (5)
I love being able to get all of my therapy supplies in one place! You have such a broad range of products that can be used for the entire continuum of my students---everything from articulation to autism.

by Billie Moody
#BK329SB - "I Have Autism" - Extra Set of Books (5)
Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

by alia
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I ordered many of the soical skills games such as the chipper chatter,soical skills say and do, social skill star set progmatic cards,and other accessoriies.I really enjoy shopping with your company

by Niki Huckstadt
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
Love the social skills resources!

by Katrina Bevan
#BK329SB - "I Have Autism" - Extra Set of Books (5)
Love your products! I have never found more useful tools available in one place for my son with Autism. I just need to win lotto! LOL But in the meantime I hope to purchase one every month to utilise at home and school. Thanks for any awesome resource and products!

by Ashley Gile
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
I would like to see a counselling section that includes anger management resources and grief. I enjoyed the social skills section the most.

by Bobbie Drake
#BK329 - "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM
As a mother of a fourth-grader who has Asperger's, I particularly enjoy all of the games and social skills activities that you have available. All of your products appear to be so fun and enjoyable for the kids, that they probably don't even realize that they are picking up some very important life skills while they are playing them. That's important, because, after all, why shouldn't social skills games be just as entertaining as any childrens game? You guys obviously 'get' kids ---thanks!!!

by SLP - Other,  Little Rock, AR
#EXR24 - Rinky Links (24 Pack)
I like using the Early Articulation Roundup with my artic kids because it is a fun activity that they can participate in during therapy, then take home and share with their parents. The easy step by step guide included with each phoneme explains to children and parents how to produce the sound, elicit productions and practice in a heirarchical fashion from isolation to phrases. My kids love it!

BK329 -  "I Have Autism" 5-Book Set with CD-ROM $34.95 
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EXR24 -  Rinky Links (24 Pack) $6.95 
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