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Classifying Photo Fish™

Magnetic Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. Concept by Marilyn McIntyre - Grades PreK–6

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Versatile & Fun Activity
by Lo C.,  Phoenix, AZ
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
You can use these photos for so many goals- the opportunities are endless. Plus, it's just fun!

Fun Fun Fun
by Veronica D.,  Pomona, CA
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
This fishing activity really makes my preschoolers smile! At the end, we count how many fishes each student “caught.” Who says you can’t do math in your therapy groups?

Photo Fish
by Morgan C.,  Arlington, VA
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
My children love this fishing game~ it is a favorite game for all.

Awesome fun game!
by patricia,  florida
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
My children love this game. My 6 yr old loves the idea of fishing out the fish in the pond. All the kids enjoy this game equally and you are learning while having fun.

by Christie C.,  Orlando, FL
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
My 5 year old son loves this game! He's so excited to "fish" for a new word and now as little to know problems classifying words. I love watching his deductive reasoning! This is a great game! He doesn't even realize he's learning!

My kids Love this!
by Lindsey K,  Greeley, Co
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
My kids have always loved fishing games, but this takes it to a new level. As another reviewer stated, they love the game and don't even realize that they are learning. I even picked up this set for my daughter's kindergarten classroom because we have enjoyed it so much!

Fishing Fun While Learning
by Miranda W.,  MN
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
This is a great product! What's better than fishing and learning. The kids are having so much fun catching fish and sorting them into categories that they have no idea that they are learning. The sturdy tackle box is the perfect completion to this product. Easy to set up. Multiple ways to play. While it only comes with two rods, you can purchase more separately or just have the kids pass them. This game is a home run! Fun, quality, educational. I received a sample in exchange for my honest review.

Fun Fishing!
by Carin B.,  Edmonton, AB
#FAS888 - Classifying Photo Fish™ Game
This is a great activity that the kids LOVE playing! They don't even realize they are learning!

FAS888 -  Classifying Photo Fish™ Game $48.95 
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