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Easy Does It® for Apraxia Preschool

Materials Book and Therapy Manual

by Robin Strode Downing and Catherine Chamberlain - Ages 2-6

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Easy Does It for Apraxia Preschool is a two-book, systematic program that emphasizes sound sequencing and building sound and syllable complexity. Tyler Turtle and his friends lead comprehensive and multisensory therapy activities for preschoolers who:
  • Have unintelligible speech or are nonverbal with age-appropriate receptive skills.
  • Have inconsistent error patterns.
  • Do not progress with traditional therapy approaches.
  • Demonstrate motor-planning deficits for speech.
  • Lose intelligibility at the sentence level.
  • Have increased errors when using complex phonetic combinations.
This organized program has six treatment levels, or goals.
  • Establish turn-taking and imitative behaviors.
  • Produce vowel sounds and sequences and isolated consonants consistently.
  • Combine consonants and vowels to form syllables.
  • Produce one-syllable CVC words.
  • Produce multisyllabic words and use them in phrases.
  • Produce consonant blends in words and in phrases.
Easy Does It for Apraxia Preschool
Therapy Manual
  • Detailed explanation of therapy techniques
  • Multisensory therapy activities
  • Systematic lesson plans
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Consonant inventory form
  • Parent interview form
  • Parent progress sheet
  • Observation form
  • Therapy tracking form
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Word, phrase, and sentence lists
  • 178 pages (8½" x 11")
Materials Book
  • Sound/picture/hand signal cards
  • Cut and paste worksheets and activities featuring Tyler Turtle and friends
  • Sound exercises
  • Homework activities
  • 151 Reproducible pages (8½" x 11")
LS1085 -  Easy Does It® for Apraxia Preschool Books $60.95 
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