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No-Glamour® Vowels


by Denise Parks, Tera LaBrosciano, and Kristen Kolde - Grades: PreK-7

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No more searching for materials to develop vowel sounds! No-Glamour Vowels contains materials and treatment techniques for all vowels and diphthongs. Use with children diagnosed with apraxia of speech and severe articulation disorders.
No-Glamour Vowels has 11 units of activities organized by vowel sounds: long a, e, i, o, and u; short a, e, i, o, and u; hooked u; and diphthongs oi and ow.
Each unit uses a systematic progression of stimuli:
  • Single Word Picture Pages
  • Word/Phrase/Sentence Picture Pages
  • Word List
  • Generalization Picture Pages
  • Personal Practice Pages
No-Glamour Vowels
  • 188 pages (8½" x 11")
  • Supplemental CD-ROM: Generalization and Personalized Practice (176 additional pages)
  • Simple to complex word shapes hierarchy
  • Screening tool
  • Elicitation and treatment techniques
  • Manner of production and ages of mastery for each vowel/diphthongs
  • Vowel placement chart
  • Adaptations for home practice
LS1672 -  No-Glamour Vowels Book Only $51.95 
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