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Vocabulary Quick Take Along®


by Natalie Snyders,M.S., CCC-SLP; Rynette R. Kjesbo, M.S., CCC-SLP;
and Liz Wright MAPC - All Ages

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by Brittany P.,  Charleston, SC
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I have other mini-books from Super Duper, and I can't get enough of these!! They are so easy to grab when you're on the go between different locations, but also great at targeting those vocabulary goals. The mini-books are GREAT!!

Quick Activity
by Brenda H,  Iowa
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love the fact that this is a grab-and-go activity as well as a lesson, when planned. This came in very handy for my sub when I was sick and had nothing planned! Love all the activities!

Love these Quick Books!
by Sarah D.,  Buffalo, NY
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
These Take Along books are great for the therapist on the go. I love pairing these with a game when it's "Students Choice Day" in therapy. Definitely recommend these books!

Vocabulary Take Along
by Lisa,  Portland, OR
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
Has a variety of targets for a resource that is so small and portable.

Great buy
by Karen,  Columbia, SC
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
This little book has lots of vocabulary exercises. It's a great therapy tool, especially if you travel between schools!

Great tool
by Sydney H.,  Riverside, CA
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love to use this product when going out to classrooms or in therapy paired with a game.

vocab quick take along
by Ricki K.,  Seattle, WA
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
This vocabulary quick take along book is full of vocabulary and target skills that not only benefit and can help enhance students' vocabulary skills, but can also be used for adult clients.

Little Book That Packs A Punch
by Tracy,  Honolulu, HI
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love taking this lil book where ever we go. My kids love challenges so it keeps them occupied for long periods of time when we use a timer to see who can answer the most question in an allotted period of time. Great little treasure.

Great quick resource
by Karen B,  Augusta GA
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love these quick take alongs. Perfect for group therapy when you need resources that are fast and easy to use

Vocab take-along easy!
by Deana B,  Raymond, WA
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love this quick take-along. It's so easy to grab! It also has more in-depth associations and concepts than simple vocabulary. It's easy for assistants to use, too.

Great for Travel
by Olivia,  North Carolina
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I travel between 2 schools and this item is perfect. It does not take up alot of space but is jam packed with great activities. I plan on buying all the others and highly recommmend that you do too!

by Jessica V,  Knoxville TN
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
This little book has so much in it. Very handy and useful especially when traveling from school to school!

I love these
by Nora C,  Parkersburg, WV
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love these books. They are so handy and just the right size.

Super convenient
by Courtney H.,  Durham, NC
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love the take-along books that I bought. I use this vocabulary one all the time. As a home health SLP, it is incredibly convenient and I can easily take it anywhere!

Quick screen Language
by Tommi A,  Shelton, WA
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I originally ordered this tiny gem to have in my travel box since I trek to four schools, and sometimes the language activity I bring needs a little expanding. Two weeks ago a third grade teacher expressed a deep concern for a student whose parents had been solicited many times previously for permission to test. She was hoping I might be able to give some "screening" input that might convince the parent to accept an indepth evaluation. I "screened" several of the students in the classroom, and was able to leagally provide some results for the teacher on this student as well as others that she could report to parents during their regularly scheduled conferences. We were successful, as we frequently are, in obtaining permission for testing with language being the key to unlock the parent's trust for evaluation.

Love these!
by Anne M,  Kansas City, MO
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
Love these take-along books! I use these with language interventions, when I'm screening kids and in therapy. They're small so it's easy to use in the hallway as that's where I often find myself. :)

More Versital
by Shannon T,  Huntersville, NC
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I love these quick Take Alongs! It is extremely easy and versital to use. I'm ordering the other titles too!

Vocabulary Quick Take Alongs
by Shaune H.,  DeBary, F:
#TA230 - Vocabulary Quick Take Along®
I LOVE this book! It's a small book with BIG results. I can quickly address several forms of vocabulary in just minutes. These skills directly relate to reading curriculum as well as the IEP goals. It's a fantastic product. It's quick, easy to record data and move on to the next task. AWESOME!!!

TA230 -  Vocabulary Quick Take Along® $13.95 
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