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Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) for Windows

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The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) program for Windows is an evidence-based approach to teach basic reading skills to non-verbal students who require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
It enables learners with a broad range of ages and abilities to bypass oral responses at all stages of instruction, allowing even the most challenged students to learn to read.
The ALL program teaches the 6 foundational skills of reading:
  • Sound-Blending—Build words by blending their component sounds
  • Phoneme Segmentation—Break words down into individual sounds
  • Letter-Sound Correspondence—Recognize sounds represented by each of the letters and vice-versa
  • Single Word Decoding—Apply knowledge of letter-sound correspondences and sound blending skills to “sound out” regular words
  • Sight Word Recognition—Recognize a word without sounding it out (e.g., light, dinosaur)
  • Shared Reading—Decode or recognize each word in sequence, access the meaning of the words/sentences, process the words/sentences together in sequence to derive the full meaning of the text. Then learn/take meaning from the text and relate it to prior experience and knowledge.
The ALL Software Edition is an app that includes the entire ALL reading program in an easy-to-use software package and delivers clear instruction that is accessible through touch, eyegaze, and scanning. Fully customizable to meet the needs of a broad range of students, ALL can easily be integrated with current literacy curriculums and provides teachers, aides, and parents with automated instruction supported by research.
One license of the ALL program includes:
  • The ALL Reading Program Software
  • Progress reporting
  • Unlimited students
  • Embedded video help
  • Electronic user manual
  • Access to myTobiiDynavox.com (accounts are free) for backing up and restoring users
  • 20+ shared reading books (new books will be added when published by Tobii
TDY42 -  Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) for Windows $79.99 
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