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The Question Challenge™ Card Game Fun Sheets

by Joanne DeNinno and Kim Gill - Grades 1–12

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The Question Challenge Card Game Fun Sheets reinforces students’ expressive and receptive language skills in 10 areas that are necessary for effective communication and problem solving.
  • Inferencing
  • Understanding Sarcasm
  • Determining Perspective
  • Staying Calm Through Self-Talk
  • Stating Opinions
  • Predicting
  • Intonation & Body Language
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Social Encouragement
  • Questioning in Conversation
This 210-page workbook complements The Question Challenge Card Game. The Fun Sheets use the same prompts and photos found in the game and display them in a worksheet format. The activity sheets are great for homework or therapy use.
By completing these sheets, students improve their reasoning and social skills, such as taking another person’s perspective, turn-taking, and interpreting body language. Each page builds vocabulary skills and encourages following directions. Print any of the workbook pages in black and white or full color using the included CD-ROM.
Combo includes Question Challenge Card Game and Question Challenge Card Game Fun Sheets.
BK374 -  The Question Challenge™ Card Game Fun Sheets $34.95 
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QCC100 -  Question Challenge Combo $79.90 
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