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Social Language Development Test–Elementary

Normative Update

Ages 6;0 through 11;11

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Why will children love Guy Spy? It's because he helps them increase their visual, problem solving, and reasoning skills while learning how to answer Why questions. The questions will inspire a variety of responses! Discover even more questions and clues on the game board.
MagneTalk Why?
  • Sturdy, magnetic board (14" x 18")
  • 30 vinyl, magnetic tiles (2½" x 2½")
  • Game ideas
  • Easy-storage plastic tote
Purchase the WH Combo that includes all five WH MagneTalk games: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
LST4370 -  SLDT-E:N4 Complete Kit $246.95 
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LSTF4371 -  SLDT-E NU Forms (25) (2015) $46.99 
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LSTF4121 -  SLDT-E Forms (25) $46.99 
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